Cease operations - 停止运营-公告声明

   Singapore X.PUN Exchange经营方向调整,于2019年10月18日起停止一切交易服务,并已完成所有剩余数字资产的提现申请,数据查询请求端口已于2019年10月18日正式关闭。如果用户需要查询历史交易数据请联系Miltonsking@hotmail.com(邮件请附加完整的KYC和账户信息)。新的数字货币服务已经全部平移至https://www.kraken.com/(K网),再次感谢大家的支持!
   The business direction of X.PUN Exchange has been adjusted. All trading services will be stopped on October 18, 2019, and all remaining digital asset withdrawal applications will be completed. The data query request port has been officially closed on October 18, 2019. If users need to query historical transaction data, please contact Miltonsking@hotmail.com (please attach complete KYC and account information to the email).The new digital money service has been moved to https://www.kraken.com/ Thank you again for your support!

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